The analogue way
Our design approach is analogue. We get an idea. Maybe we take it straight to the workshop. Or we jot it down in the sketchbook and let it mature for a while. We build our own prototypes. We focus on materials, and we let them speak for themselves.

We like to think that our designs are quite simple. Some would say they border on banality. We take that as a compliment. Everyday life is complex enough as it is. What you surround yourself with at home doesn’t have to be.
Perfect details

We come up with all designs in-house. Many of them start with a small – but significant – detail. Either a reinvention of a traditional construction. Or an entirely new way of combining two different materials. We tend to get dogmatic in our processes. A meeting between two elements of a design shouldn’t be permanent. The solid wooden lists of our Frame are held together by an elastic band. This requires immense precision in the workshop. It’s a question of tenths millimeters in order for it to be functional.

The single piece of glass in our Wall Mirrors is easily separated from the lightweight metal wire. Apart from being a significant challenge in our design process, this also means you can easily repair our products by simply replacing a broken part. The longevity of a design is not only something we accomplish by choosing great quality materials, but also how we design and think about the full life cycle of our products when we do.
"We like to think that our designs are quite simple. Some would say they border on banality. We take that as a compliment."
Make it your own

Quite often, you play a large role in the use of our designs. They are not just showpieces, meant to sit pretty in your home. They are designs that demand you to take action, and put your own touch on it. We like to think that we design for you to decide. You decide the position of the shelves in a Shelving System. You decide if you want to tilt the lampshade of our Ceramic Pendant or keep it straight. You decide if you want to hang the Frame from the rubber band, or from a small nail.

This also has a pleasant side effect. It means you will touch our designs, feel the matt and unglazed ceramic surface of our lamps, or the velvety touch of the untreated wooden lists for our frames. We truly believe that design is more than just what meets the eyes. Hopefully you will feel this as well.
Craftmanship is key
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Tried & tested

Despite how simple our designs may seem, a great deal of thought goes into them. An idea for a design can look pretty perfect in the sketch book. But if we can’t find the right material - one that feels right, looks right, works right and makes sense in the bigger picture - we simply won’t make it. This means we design products in both solid wood and veneer. Acrylic glass and ceramics. Steel and uncoated brass. Take our Shelving System for instance. We use wedges in solid oak and ash. Hardwoods that can stand a lot of pressure. The steel legs have a fine grained powder coating to provide just the right friction against the wedges. Shelves are made from veneer, that are both relatively light and easy to move around. Every design has its own perfect material. Believe us, we have tested quite a few.

Our analogue way of designing means you get a better understanding of the products you surround yourself with. Our simple way of conceiving a design often results in a highly complex product, giving you many possibilities. However, you won’t feel the complexity behind our many calculations. All you will feel is great quality materials, put together and designed in new ways.

After all, a MOEBE design is all about keeping things simple. And at the same time putting an immense amount of work into the details that make them last a lifetime.

You decide

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Materials matter

Our Ceramic lamps have been left unglazed, giving them a matt almost paper-like surface. Explore Ceramic Pendants

Back to basics

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