We’re surrounded by a lot of stuff,
aren’t we?
Our design principles

Made to last

We believe in what we do and in the quality of our products. That’s why all of our designs come with a 5-year warranty. This guarantee covers any functional, material or manufacturing defect on any product you buy from us for private use. We’ve got you covered. Just get in touch.

Right to repair

It should always be easier and cheaper to repair than replace. The modular design of our products allows them to be easily repaired should they break. We offer spare parts for all of our designs, so only the piece that is broken needs to be replaced rather than the product as a whole.

Produced with care

It is absolutely crucial that both the people creating our products and the environment are treated correctly. Thats is why we keep our producers close. More than 40% of our production is based here in Denmark and 95% of our total production takes place within the EU.

Packaged responsibly

The packaging we use is as important to us as our designs, which is why all of our products arrive in cardboard-based packaging, with no lamination. This protects them through the rigors of shipping and can be easily recycled once its job is done.

Optimised for transport

Our products are constructed from individual parts, meaning they can be packaged in their most reduced form. This helps us cut down transport volume to an absolute minimum and reduces our shipping footprint.


All our wood is European, and we are proud to be a FSC® and PEFC® certified brand while at the same time working with the EU Ecolabel® to back up our commitment to sustainable sourcing and production.

Here is where our products are made