Workshop Designs: Our Hammer
From idea to product

Our design process is simple. We get an idea, we sketch it up and we move to the workshop in the backyard of our office. This is where all prototypes are made. It’s where we keep going, until we have figured out every little clever detail that makes our designs stand out. It’s where our hands may get blisters, and our visions sometimes change along the way. And it’s where we will always return to. It’s as simple as that.


Keep it close

Let’s be real – we’re not in a position where we can produce large quantities of any design in our small workshop. But we do like keeping our producers close. That’s why more than 40% of our production is based here in Denmark. It's also why 95% of our total production takes place within the EU. We produce as close to home as we possibly can. This is the only way it makes sense to us.
"Everything starts and ends at the workshop."

Anders Thams, Co-founder & Designer at MOEBE

Made to last

"We are cabinet makers and architects. Working with our hands is essential. It’s what started everything, and what defines us."

Anders, Martin & Nick, Designers & Co-founders at MOEBE

Straight from the workshop

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