Home Office Inspiration
Make it work

Some of us can't wait to be allowed back to our physical work space, to socially interact with colleagues, to escape the sometimes awkward online meetings. Others thrive in their quiet home offices, and appreciate a newfound slow pace and start of the day.

No matter what type you are, we might as well embrace it – having a designated work station at home is more important than ever before. Here are our tips to help bring structure and creativity to your work day.
Stay organised

An office station easily fills with things. Pencils, bills, keys, chargers. You need them all close by, but they shouldn't necessarily take up too much space. 'Organise' is stackable, and helps you organise them all.

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"A home office should function both during work hours and off. It shouldn't just stand there, when you close the laptop for the day. It should be a furniture in its own right."
Hang your inspiration

Pinch is the perfect way to display your inspiration – be it a yellow post-it with a single word to stay motivated, or tangible memories to inspire a visual strategy. No need for large noticeboards taking up wall space.

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Extra storage

Try keeping your office space tidy. Spend ten minutes putting toys, blankets, and knick-knacks away in our Storage Boxes before your work day starts. It'll help you concentrate, we guarantee it.

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For the small space

You don't need a huge space to have a home office. With our Shelving System, it's easy to add a desk section. Find just the right height for you by adjusting the position of the wedges. Replace the desk with a shelf, when you no longer need a home office station.

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New & Narrow

Our brand new narrow shelves are perfect for storing smaller items above a desk. This lets you clear the entire desk section, and use the space for concentrated work.

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