Frequently Asked Questions - Bed
Design & Materials

What colours does it come in?
Bed comes in 4 beautiful colours with matching side tables - Dusty Rose, Sand, Pine Green & Black.

What is the Bed made of?
It's made from powder coated steel, and certified with the EU Ecolabel.

Where is it produced?
Bed is produced by our trusted partners in Estonia.
Warranty & Shipping

What if something breaks?
We offer spare parts to all our designs, Bed included. In the (unlikely!) event of something breaking, you can always replace that specific part.

How long is the delivery?
We always ship on the same or the following week day of your order. Depending on your location, you can expect delivery within 5-10 working days. Please note, our partners deliver curbside, meaning you must be at home to carry it up.

Can I get colour samples?
Definitely! We are happy to send you colour samples in a return box, so you can decide in person. Please reach out to

What sized mattress will work?
Width: Bed is an expandable bed that goes from 90-180 cm. You can choose either the 90 cm and buy the expander set later on, or buy the fully expandable Bed from start. The Expandable Bed will fit any sized mattress from 90-180 cm.

Length: Bed is designed for any mattress from 180 to 210 cm long. The bed frame itself is 180 cm, and with a longer mattress, it will slightly expand the bed, giving a beautiful futon-inspired look (as seen in all our photos of the bed). If you have a box mattress, it can be up to 220 cm long.

How much space is there underneath the bed for storage?
The height from floor to bed is 17 cm.
Mattresses & Bed Slats

Can I use my own bed slats?
Yes, definitely, as long as they are at least 180 cm long.

Can I use a box mattress / hard framed mattress?
A box mattress is a mattress built on a wooden frame with springs inside. You can definitely use a box mattress of any length between 180-220 cm. No bed slats are needed with a box mattress.

Can I use a normal mattress?
Definitely. You can use any standard spring or foam mattress from 90-180 cm wide, and 180-210 cm long. You need bed slats for this mattress.

Can I use a slatted bed frame?
No. We can’t guarantee the result, so we don’t recommend this.

Is the Bed a futon / can I use a futon-mattress?
Bed in everyday life

Is it a sofa bed?
No. Bed is not designed to be expanded every night, and then taken back to its smallest size during the day. It’s an expandable bed meaning you can use it as a single bed for an amount of time, and then expand it whenever the need arises - a larger bedroom, a family expansion, whatever.

Is the Bed sturdy enough? Can my kids jump in it?
Yes. It’s as sturdy as any other bed. We’ve tried and tested - both for the past few years with a prototype in our homes, and via tests in the technological institute of Denmark. It passed all tests with flying colours.

Will my mattress stay in place and not slide?
It will definitely stay in place.

How do I expand the Bed?
You follow the instructions. It’s very simple; you loosen four bolts on the underside of the bed, expand it to your desired size, and tighten the bolts.
Measurements & Delivery

Will the Bed enter a small doorway when I get it delivered?
Definitely! We ship all our designs flat-packed (we ship design - not air!). Sizes of packaging is L189, H22 and W9 cm for the Bed itself, and L180, H9 and W8 cm for the expander set.

What if I wish to return the Bed?
Just reach out, and we’ll figure it out!
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