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Figurative minimalism

With themes of femininity, vulnerability and fragility, Céline Nordberg uses delicate pastel hues to bring the nuanced postures of figures and flowers to life, uncovering a deep inherent strength.

“I employ MOEBE’s frames to add an additional layer to my art, integrating the transparent effect of MOEBE’s frames an integral component of my artist expression.”


Architectural layering

The minimalist compositions of Siberian-born artist Natalya are characterized by architectural lines and shapes. Thanks to a special layering technique with tissue paper on canvas and watercolour paper, the pictures gain space and depth.


Inside the frame, and out.

Flowers from the English New Forest.

It’s all about the details for UK based artist Lucy, aka Field of Pressed Flowers. Specialising in preserving wedding bouquets, her work is both universal and intimately personal. Memories are memorialised, and nature is invited in.


A circular ecosystem.

Taking inspiration from Japanese and Nordic aesthetics and philosophy, Danish artist Julie Vej, aka Mottainai Studio, creates one-off pieces from discarded textiles donated by local designers and tailor shops. Recycling has never looked better.


Worth their weight in gold

Bringing nature in.

Inspired by nature and the underwater environment, Copenhagen-based Helene Møberg Keinicke works with paper to create her unique takes on animals both big and small.


The intricacy of paper.

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