A difficult task, made simple
Our Mirror Collection

Designing a new mirror is not an easy job. Nevertheless, we keep being drawn to the task of creating the perfect one. For us, it's always been about constructing simple and elegant ways to let the reflection of the mirror glass take the center stage.
Simple designs. Great details.

We have found that this requires an extreme attention to detail. How can we keep simplifying the joint between the glass and the construction holding it in place? Can we keep the amount of different materials to a minimum? And can we use the optical illusion of the mirror to enhance or maybe even exaggerate the uncomplicated meeting between the shiny surface of the glass and the parts holding it in place?
"For us, it's always been about constructing simple and elegant ways of letting the reflection of the mirror glass take the center stage"
Refined details

Looking at our collection, it might seem like natural and straightforward choices using slim wooden lists or bent brass wire to hold the mirror glass in place. Believe us, it's not.

We have spent quite some time refining how the brass wire is grabbing the glass and reflects to be a simple U-form when the mirror is in place. And how the wooden lists look like delicate symmetrical profiles when reflected in the mounted mirror.
Keep them close

We like keeping our producers close. Which means that every single part of our mirror collection is produced by our trusted partners in Europe. We work with only the best. The solid wooden lists used in our Rectangular Wall Mirror come from sustainably grown European forests.

And if a part should ever break – because accidents do happen – you can always replace that part with a new one from our Spare Parts Webshop. Because it should always be easier and cheaper to repair than to buy new.
"A mirror is more than just a reflection of ourselves; it's a way of letting in natural light, or enhance certain interior details"
More than just a reflection

We design our mirrors to serve more than just one purpose. They are of course meant to provide reflections of ourselves, quickly checked before leaving our homes. But they are also more than that.

When hung in the rooms we actually spend time in; the living room, bedrooms, sometimes even dining room, they can make a room appear bigger, let in natural light, or enhance certain details of the architecture or interior that would otherwise not be noticed.

It is up to you whether you use our mirrors as a mirror is originally intended, or as a modern artwork framing whatever you choose.

What started it all

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