At MOEBE we care about good design.
We care about what we make
and care about how we make it.

From first sketch - to final product.

Designed in house

Sustainability has to be more than just skin deep.

For us great design is not just about creating a beautiful shape in the colour of the moment.

We just don't believe in single use products, furniture that only suits a trend, or quality that doesn't last.

A great product has to be designed to last, to be repaired and easily recycled if and when that time (hopefully never) comes. It must be made using quality materials, produced in an honest way and never with a negative impact on people or our global environment.

We are passionate about design and interiors - and love seeing our ideas come to life. However, not all of our ideas make it. Often a design that we otherwise believe is fantastic can't be made in a good way or shipped efficiently. When this is the case, we simply won't make it. 

For that reason, we don’t have a huge collection. We present a few new designs yearly - that’s it.

Our products are:

We make it easy

1. Easy to repair

Separable parts

2. Easy to recycle.

Made to protect. Then recycled.

3. Packaged responsibly

Ship as little air as possible

4. Optimised for transport

Transparently high standards

5. Produced with care

Find out more about us an our about page here.