Børsen Gazelle 2019
We are extremely honoured to be elected as Børsen Gazelle 2019. An award handed by the Danish financial newspaper Børsen, given to companies with exceptional positive growth in the previous four years. We see this as a testimony, that many appreciate our design philosophy and we will do our utmost to continue this journey. We have answered a small Q&A about the nomination.

Børsen Gazelle 2019

Despite of our creative set-up – we are two architects and one cabinet maker – we have always kept our eyes on the ball, namely to create new designs and develop MOEBE – also in terms of having a commercial appeal. From the very beginning we knew, that in order to become successful our designs have to reach a broader audience, which is also why we have been focusing on export from day one. Today 80 % of our sales is export, with Scandinavia and Japan being our biggest markets.

Driven by design

Unlike many other companies within our field, we do not have an investment partner. MOEBE is based 100 per cent on our vision to add new perspectives on Danish design. This also means, that every penny earned, is invested in the company, also meaning that we are solely responsible for both the creative and the commercial direction.

In addition, we are three partners and in close collaboration we are responsible for all new designs. With this know-how in house, we can develop new solutions and customise our products to specific projects. We are very agile in terms of our production, and with 95 % of our production in Europe and in close proximity to Denmark, it is easier to stay in complete control.

The future is creative

Well, this is only the beginning. In 2018, we launched our first piece of furniture – a modular shelving system. This year, in 2019, we have launched our first series of lamps. And we want it to continue like this. Our hearts belong to designing furniture and interior design – and we cannot stop getting new ideas. Looking forward, we can see it developing into a collection, suited commercial needs as well as strengthening our collection in accessories and furniture for the private household. Let’s see where it takes us – you are not always in complete control of the creative processes.

Can you give three good tips to other companies in the sector?

Good question. We constantly learn so much, and we also need advice, so it is also vice versa. But if we have to say something, our main attitude is 1) Be responsive to your external partners, both customers and subcontractors – you can learn a lot from them. 2) Always aim higher. You can always learn and get better. 3) Believe in what you do.. But give yourself a deadline. Don’t keep running after something with no future. It may sound a bit philosophical, but hopefully it makes sense.

This interview was brought in the Danish magazine 365Design.

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